The Cube Dobsonian


dobsonian telescope 1

I made this telescope because I needed a very portable, yet reasonably powerfull deepsky telescope.

Construction materials : 12 mm plywood, metal broomsticks for the trusses, and a handfull of screws :)

telescope atm

It started out by making the upper tube assembly, and the mirror box

folding focuser

To keep the mirror box as small as possible, the 2" crayford focuser is mounted

on a hinged focuser plate, so it can be swiweled in the space between the OTA wall

and secondary mirror for transport

scope UTA

The UTA, with focuser board hinges visible

Assembly and dissasembly is a very simple and fast process. It takes less than 2 minutes :

telescope 2

Loosen the bolts that hold the trusses to the OTA

telescope 3

Lift the OTA from the trusses, and unscrew the 4 brass bolts that hold the truss assembly.

They come off as a single part


telescope 4

Remove Telrad, fold the focuser and insert the UTA into the mirror box


telescope 5

Pick up the mirror box, rotate 90ยบ and insert into rocker box

ultralight dobsonian