300 mm F4.9 transportable Dobsonian

homemade dobsonian telescope packed in car
This is my main telescope.
I built it because I wanted a decent aperture scope that I can transport to a dark site.
It is not a ultralight, but it breaks up into 3 pieces so I can pack it up in my car. The stability of a heavy, full tube scope remains.
primary mirror in box The primary mirror is 300 mm diameter, 19 mm "thick" plate glass. It came out with a good figure and smooth surface. foucault image primary mirror

mirror box

upper tube assembly

mirror cell

Construction started by making the mirror box and the "ground board" triangle. The box is made from 27 mm thick plywood

next was the upper cage

and the front collimation mirror cell, also 27 mm thick.

focuser board

azimuth bearing

spider mounted

focuser board with focuser

azimuth bearing

spider assembly

upper tube assembly

roller bearings


UTA finished

azimuth bearing with 6 rollers from underneath

9x50 finder scope

first light optical axis

first light!