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Homemade telescope

On this website you will find complete plans for building various telescopes, such as a Dobsonian, refractor,
various telescope and binocular mounts, eyepieces and other misc astronomy equipment.
All those can be built with simple tools and low budget.

NEW The Cube Scope


Simple homemade Dobsonian The mount is made from standard 19 mm particleboard. It is cheap and commonly available. In most shops, you can bring a cutting list, and you receive ready cut, square pieces. Pick any color you want, or, you can buy the small cutting leftovers very cheaply.

Getting startedIt doesn't matter if you are a parent, and your courious child wants to see the rings of Saturn, or a teenager fascinated by distant galaxies, or you got retired and finally have the time to do a little astronomy, something you wanted to do for many years.....

Finders & eyepieces The lens body has an outer diameter of 25 mm. To convert it to a standard 1.1/4" eyepiece size, cut a cardboard strip, and glue it around the bottom (widest) part of the lens. Take a Kodak film canister, and cut of the bottom . Now put the lens inside the film canister.

Homemade tripod This article describes how to make a very sturdy, very tall (almost 2 meters) tripod. It will easily hold your giant binoculars, your 150 mm refractor or even a lighter 250 mm Newtonian OTA! Buying such a tripod (if you can find one that is this tall) will easily cost you more than 400 €.

Mirror grinding techniques There are many reasons for grinding your own mirror. Either you want a unusual size, or focal length, or to satisfy your curiosity, or to have the "pride of achievement" by fabricating something as precise as a telescope mirror.

300 mm Dobsonian This is my main telescope.
I built it because I wanted a decent aperture scope that I can transport to a dark site.
It is not a ultralight, but it breaks up into 3 pieces so I can pack it up in my car. The stability of a heavy, full tube scope remains..

200 mm computer aided Dobsonian An ideal scope has to be easily transportable, no assembly required to setup, the tube should fit on the backseat of the car,decent optics and mechanics, and since I am a poor and inpatient star hopper, some sort of computer aid..

Mala teleskopska stranicaSvaki astronom amater zeli imati teleskop. Uz dalekozor i karte neba, to je primarni "alat" za ovaj hobi.No, isplati li se samogradnja?
Ako želite nešto potpuno unikatno, izradjeno vlastitim rukama, samogradnja je odlicna opcija.